Spytech SpyAgent (as Parental Control) Review

A product by Spytech


Spytech SpyAgent is a high quality keylogger or monitoring program, but also can be used as parental control program.

It comes with hundreds of options and customizations. You can block the access to different categories of sites and set a custom level of filter's sensitivity. You can block the access to selected programs or games, block the access to different chat programs (AOL, Skype, Yahoo Messenger ..), block access to various URLs based on custom keywords or content.

The program is able to send email alerts when a blocked website or application when user attempted to access it.

Blocking & Filtering

You can block one or more categories of sites, but also you can choose to block a web page by the content or with certain keywords in it.

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This tool is able to track more data than a traditional parental control software because Spytech SpyAgent is a keylogger. You can view visited websites, online searches, screenshots, audio recordings, all keystrokes and much more.

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Management & Control

Because the application is installed on the monitored computer, all filters and settings applied by the administrator (parent) will take effect instantly. The program can run in stealth mode and children will not see it. The access to program's option and uninstall are granted only by providing the right password.

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It displays detailed reports with websites and applications, you can view screenshots in video-style playback, the exact time of each event and more.

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  • advanced settings
  • many types of reports
  • records many types of data


SpyAgent is a great keylogger with excellent parental control features. Unlike the traditional parental controls, it provides many additional features for tracking and recording different data.