Safe Eyes Review

A product by McAfee Inc.


Safe Eyes was developed by InternetSafety, but has been acquired by McAfee. The program is designed for parents and can be used to control the internet activity of their children.

The management dashboard can be accessed through an online account and is not dependent on device where is installed.

Blocking & Filtering

You can block the access to more than 30 categories, allow or block individual or a list with custom URLs. The application has additional features to manage and track the access to videos, music, instant messaging, social networking, online games and email.

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Reports can be sent automatically to different email addresses. It can send alerts to email and mobile phone. In the online dashboard we couldn't see the reports.

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You can limit the number of hours spent online (daily) or set a schedule for internet access (specific days and hours).

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  • additional options for blocking and filtering


  • delays between changes in online account and propagation on monitored devices
  • isn't intuitive where and how to view reports (online or on local computer)
  • forced safe search in search engines doesn't work properly


The program offers a variety of blocking and control features, but doesn't work seamlessly all of them.