K9 Web Protection Review

A product by Blue Coat Systems


K9 Web Protection is an internet filter, an application available for multiple devices that allows to control the access to different categories of websites and set time limits when the internet can be used.

The administration is made by parents on the device where the program is installed. You can login with a password in the application's interface and view complete reports about websites visited or block different categories (gambling, dating, sex etc.).

You can allow or deny custom URLs, force safe search on search engines, choose between different levels of protection.

Blocking & Filtering

There are built-in levels of internet filtering, but you can choose the custom one and enable/disable each category. The application is able to block or only to log (without blocking) websites, depends how you want. You can allow or block custom URLs from Website Exceptions, block websites with specific keywords in URL and force the safe search option in search engines.

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This software will log only visited websites, doesn't support programs, apps or games.

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Management & Control

The dashboard is accessible only with a password, so the children cannot modify settings or uninstall it.

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The reports can be viewed only on the device where K9 Web Protection is installed. The dashboard offers reports organized into categories.

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You can block the internet access between different hours of a day or for specific hours and days of the week.

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  • administrator interface only on devices where is installed


This free application will block the access to specific categories of websites and will set time limits for internet access.