Net Nanny Review

A product by ContentWatch


Net Nanny is a parental control program available for multiple devices. Once installed on a device, it will block and allow the users to access different types of websites.

Parents can manage the settings for each user (child) through an online interface. Here you can set general rules for the entire family and particularly for each family member. You can allow or block custom web addresses, create custom categories with sites.

The management panel includes around 20 built-in categories (gambling, mature, nudity ..) and you can choose to allow, block or warn users for each category. The application has a database with websites and once an user try to access a particular site from a blocked category, Net Nanny will recognize it automatically and will block the access to that page. The child can send a request to its parent to allow the access to a blocked website.

Blocking & Filtering

You can create custom categories with list with websites to allow or block the access, but also you can manage the access for a list with built-in categories. The application will force the safe search option to be turned on in search engine, so the kids will not see results with adult websites.

Compare Blocking & Filtering (higher is better choice)


You can allow or restrict the internet access to custom time intervals (days, hours) through a friendly menu.

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  • easy to use by non-tech-savvy users


  • delays (~1h) in reporting data (to online dashboard)


Net Nanny is focused to allow any parent to monitor and manage the online activity of their children. Is focused on blocking and managing the internet access to different categories of websites, but also to control the time spent on internet.

Because there is a significant delay in reports (what parents see in online dashboard), we have some reservations about the application, otherwise is useful.