Best Ankle Support Braces / Stabilizer Guard Reviews

Injuries are hard to avoid when you are a hardcore sportsperson. One of the best ways to stay away from ankle injuries caused by physical sports is to wear an ankle support brace (also known as a stabilizer guard). This accessory can also speed up healing from ankle injuries (both acute and chronic). Use it with confidence during running, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, tennis and even weightlifting. As long as you use these braces as indicated, you will protect yourself to the best of your abilities. Also, don’t forget that the quality of the stabilizer guard is also an important factor.


There are many benefits to wearing a stabilizer guard when playing sports or weight training. A few of the notable benefits include:

  • The ability of the support braces to calm pain and prevent swelling. Sports can be very demanding and an ankle that rolls on the side can cause very nasty problems. The brace keeps everything in place and alleviates most of the pain.
  • The support of weak ankle joints. Without proper support, you can easily cause painful and difficult to recover from injuries to your ankles. Good braces support both parts of the ankle.
  • Preventing future injuries. Keeping your ankles protected may prove invaluable if you want to have a future in the sport you love.

Note that any health issues should always be discussed with your health care professional.

1. Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Ankle Support

  • For a wide range of motion, the open heel design of this product is perfect. Don’t worry – adequate protection is still provided to your ankles.
  • If you’ve suffered an injury, this support will hasten healing. It also prevents future injuries and keeps your ankle tendons and joints safe.
  • The neoprene material keeps the feet warm but allows them to breathe and stay dry. Skin irritation should not be an issue.
  • The support fits any ankle shape and feet arch due to its innovative contour design.

2. Liomor Ankle Support Breathable

  • Do you need extreme support for your ankles for demanding physical activities and sports? Then you need this product
  • These stabilizers are great for your ankle health and prevent almost any kind of injury and sprain. They also speed up recovery from such injuries greatly.
  • The material does not cause any itches and is completely odor resistant. The air circulation prevents harmful bacteria from breeding.
  • If you suffer from tendonitis or arthritis, the Liomor supports are you best option to stay away from pain. And the design accommodates most ankle diameters (maximum feet arch circumference of 11.8 inches).

3. Aircast A60

  • If you suffer from chronic ankle instability, the Aircast A60 is perfect for preventing injuries. It offers a medium level of support.
  • This stabilizer guard supports both sides of the ankle and is created with a 60-degree angle that is perfect for preventing sprains.
  • The guard does not hamper planar flexion and dorsiflexion in any way. Your feet will stay dry due to the Breath-O-Prene material.
  • The brace has a single strap so that you don’t lose time with laces. Also, the structure is low-profile so you can wear it with most shoes.