Best Snow Roof Rakes Reviews

Snow buildup, ice dams and large icicles cause problems to homeowners all around the world, considering that they can cause extensive damage to your roof and even put your family in danger if not taken care of immediately. And what better solution to the snow buildup problem than a good snow roof rake? The rake is both an affordable and an effective solution to your problem – as long as you pick a good product, of course. Good products are quite durable, while also being amazingly light and portable. You can use a heavy duty one to clear the snow from your roof quickly and efficiently in a matter of minutes. Snow removal has never been easier!

What Is a Snow Rake?

The snow rate is basically a long hoe made out of aluminum that you can use to get the snow down from your roof. The snow rake enables you to lighten the load placed by large amounts of snow and ice on the rake of your roof. You can also use the snow roof rake to get rid of dangerous icicles.

Snow Cutter Vs. Roof Rake

A snow cutter may be a bit more efficient than a roof rake when it comes to the amount of snow one can move per minute. However, the snow cutter comes with a few risks. First of all, it contains sharp edges designed to cut through the snow and ice. These sharp edges can hurt your little ones if they aren’t careful – the snow rake does not have any dangerous parts.

Also, a roof rake won’t damage the shingles on your roof, unlike a snow cutter. Because of its sharp, pointy edges, a snow cutter can easily break the shingles if you aren’t very careful. Both snow cutters and roof rakes are effective at clearing large quantities of snow and icicles quickly. Just make sure to never stand below the falling debris.

Tips about How to Choose

  • Look at the materials that the roof rake is made out of. Aluminum and steel are more durable than wood and fiberglass. However, steel roof rakes can get a bit too heavy.
  • Look at the dimensions. The roof rake should be long enough to reach the top of the roof. Also, the blade should be wide enough to be able to scrape a decent amount of snow.
  • Another thing to consider is the type of roof rake. Telescoping models are preferred because they are more versatile and can be used more easily.

1. Garelick 89421

  • The Garelick snow roof rake is made out of quality aluminum and is 21 feet long; so it should be able to easily reach the top of your roof.
  • The blade is 24-inch by 7-inch and has shingle shaver rollers that prevent it from damaging the shingles on your roof.
  • This unit is made out of 4 separate sections, so it is telescoping. You can adjust the length according to your needs.
  • By using this tool, you can effectively prevent ice dams from forming and causing you problems. Also, it can move impressive amounts of snow and ice quickly.
  • The roof rake weighs just 6 pounds, but is incredibly strong and durable. Being so light, it decreases the risk of any kind of accident while you clear the roof of snow.

2. Snow Joe RJ204M 21

  • The Snow Joe Twist-n-Lock Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake is perfect for not only removing snow and ice from your roof, but also wet leaves and other debris.
  • The pole is telescoping and can reach a length of 21 feet (the minimum length is just 6.2 feet). It shouldn’t have trouble reaching the top of the roof.
  • The roof rake is extremely lightweight, at just 4.8 lbs. The blade has a size of approximately 25 by 6-inch and can clear quite a lot of snow in one go.
  • Snow Joe roof rakes are durable and very easy to handle.