Qustodio Free Review

A product by Qustodio LLC


Qustodio Free is a modern application that can be used to monitor and control the online activity of children. This application can be installed on different devices and platforms (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle).

Through an online account, parent can view and manage the activity on devices where Qustodio is installed: block websites by category or manually add URLs, set time limits for internet access (days, hours or a maximum time per day).

This software is able to block the access to different webpages not only by category, but also by their content. For example, when we searched for "Wikipedia pornography", the application has blocked the access to this website.

The application is free, but they also have a premium subsciption for advanced features like location tracking (mobile phone), monitor calls and SMS (mobile phone), block applications and programs.

Blocking & Filtering

In your online dashboard, there are almost 30 different categories easy to enable or disable with a single click. You can apply different settings for each user, allow and block categories (gambling, games, weapons, drugs, pornography etc.). You can also allow categories, but set to receive an email alert when a website is accessed.

The application allows to manually add web addresses to block, allow or alert lists.

The Safe Search option will force the safe search option to be turned on in search engines and search results will not contain inappropriate categories or related sites.

For Uncategorized websites (websites that are not in Qustodio's database) you can allow or filter them by default.

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The program is able to track and report all programs used and websites accessed, also shows the time spent for each one.

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Management & Control

Children cannot change any setting or uninstall the program because you can set a password for access to Qustodio. Also, it can run in stealth mode or invisible on desktop or other areas where kids could find it.

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You can view reports and graphs on your online dashboard, for all monitored devices and children. The application is also able to send report by email and alerts.

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Through Qustodio's online account, you can limit the access to internet at certain intervals per days. Also, you can set a time allowance for weekdays and weekend (a maximum number of hours for internet access or computer use).

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  • the online dashboard is updating fast with recorded data
  • it works on multiple devices
  • modern interface


Qustodio is a high quality product and provides all essential features which are required by parents to monitor their children. All management is made through a single and user friendly online interface.