CyberPatrol Review

A product by CyberPatrol


CyberPatrol is a software that can control the activity of children on internet. The program allows parents to block different the access to different categories of websites and the use of certain programs installed on a computer.

It can be installed and managed only on and from monitored computer or one from the same LAN network.

It offers a variety of features and customizations and doesn't slow down the computer.

Blocking & Filtering

You can block the access to different categories of websites or to allow/block custom domain names. There are different built-in profiles and for each category you can choose different levels of filtering. Also, you can block websites that contain certain keywords in URL.

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The program is able to track visited websites and will not track used programs (but you can block desired programs from Options).

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Management & Control

The application can be controlled only on devices where is installed or from local network, using a password. New settings and changes are instantly applied, since the installation and management dashboard are on the same machine. But doesn't allow remote management.

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It doesn't display detailed report, but you can sort items by column names. Also, it will display all URL resources loaded by a webpage.

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It provides advanced options to block the access to internet or to certain programs between custom hours and days.

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  • different levels of filtering per category
  • highly customizable


  • no remote management
  • mo emailed reports or alerts


This is a very good program to monitor children and restrict their access to different online resources. It provides advanced options and you can customize each setting in detail.