FreePDF Review

A product by Stefan Heinz


FreePDF is made by a German programmer and is a virtual printer to generate PDF files. It comes only with some essential options, but will generate fast PDFs with small file sizes.

It has different profiles for the quality of the document, you can append the PDF file to others and encrypt the file with password to restrict the opening or editing.

Conversion Speed

Is working quickly, is faster than others well known converters.

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PDF File Size

Besides speed, the PDF will have a small size. This is important when you send files by email where there are file size limitations.

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Security & Privacy

You can add a password and manage the editing rights, but doesn't have options to add watermarks, digital signatures and metadata.

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From the Configuration menu you can add and save different profiles or restore all settings to the default ones. Also, you can merge different files into a single PDF.

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  • is fast and produces PDF with small file size


  • append PDF function is not very intuitive
  • no watermark


A robust PDF writer to convert different files to PDF format maintaining a small file size.