Adobe Acrobat Pro (as PDF Printer) Review

A product by Adobe


Adobe Acrobat Pro is a premium software made by the inventor of PDF format - Adobe. Using it, you can create, edit and wotk with PDF documents.

We will not focus on this review on the editing features, because Adobe Acrobat Pro is, fisrt of all, a PDF editor. But we will look closer at the PDF creation capabilities

The program has its own interface, but also works as virtual PDF printer. If you print a file, you will see that you have Adobe PDF as printer. No matter what file you want to print (image, Word documents ..), by selecting this printer you will convert that file to the PDF format.

You need to set all  options from the Preferences menu because once you will convert the PDF through the virtual printer, it will not display any other setting.

After you create the PDF, you can open it through Adobe Acrobat Pro and apply useful editing operations: add watermark, merge, split etc.

Conversion Speed

Is not the fastest, but is better than the majority of PDF printers.

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Adobe Acrobat Pro

PDF File Size

Although is not the fastest, it seems that this is because will generate s smaller file size. Probably this is more important than the conversion speed, because if you will have a big PDF file, you may encounter problems when you want to send it by e-mail, for example, and then you need to find a way to compress it or to reduce its size.

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Security & Privacy

You will have all the features needed to encrypt, restrict the access and editing rights. You can generate digital signatures to be sure that no one will modify your document, because using this feature you can verify if it has been changed.

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The program has hundreds of features, some of them really advanced and needing further documentation - they provide an online forum and detailed help manuals. Anyway, we didn't found how to create multiple profiles with different settings.

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  • it will generate PDFs with small file sizes
  • many advanced options and configurations


It is a high quality PDF generator and provides hundreds of options to edit documents. It will generate files with a very small file size, ready to be sent by email.