PDFCreator Review

A product by pdfforge GmbH


PDFCreator is an open source software based on Ghostscript library and works as a virtual PDF printer able to convert printable files into PDF.

The program has a generous Options interface where you can choose different settings for PDF quality, compression, fonts, colors, password and digital signature.

Conversion Speed

It comes with a pretty good speed while is generating PDFs.

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PDF File Size

It will produce files with a small file size, from Options you can tweak settings for  compression and quality of images.

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Security & Privacy

It allows to set a password (different levels of encryption) and disallow users to print, copy text and images or modify the PDF's content. You can add digital signatures (certificates) to a PDF file to verify later if the PDF has been edited or modified.

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Using this program to generate PDF files, you can rotate pages, choose compatibility with different versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader,  embed all fonts,  convert and downsample colors, set a password for document and more.

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  • right click menu integration
  • advanced options


  • the advanced options are not easy to understand by beginners


PDFCreator is easy to use if you don't need to change advanced options and will produce files in a reasonable time and with a decent file size.