doPDF Review

A product by Softland


doPDF is a free program to convert printable files to PDF format. The developer also offers a paid version called novaPDF which has more features and better performance.

The program (doPDF) has a limited number of features and you can choose between different levels of quality for the final PDF file (high, medium, smallest file).

Conversion Speed

Is good at speed, it will process the file faster than other similar programs.

Compare Conversion Speed (higher is better choice)

PDF File Size

Is weak and the final PDF will not have the smallest size.

Compare PDF File Size (higher is better choice)
* doPDF in not included in the above chart because is weaker than these competitors

Security & Privacy

It doesn't offer any option.

Compare Security & Privacy (higher is better choice)


  • few  advanced options


This program will produce PDFs with a good speed, but with a bigger file size than its competitors. Good to use only if you don't need any advanced option.