Firefox Review

A product by Mozilla


Mozilla Firefox is a web browser released first time in 2002 and it has a pretty large amount of users. As any other browser, it can be used to visit websites and interact with different types of content: text, images, video, online games etc.

Usually known as Firefox, this software comes with a large marketplace with free extensions and themes organized into categories. You can browse and install different extensions to add new features to default browser and personalize it as you need.

Is a modern browser constantly updated and maintained. It offers a pleasant browsing experience and isn't by mistake the default browser of millions of people.


The software is fast and supports a big number of different sites opened in the same time in multiple tabs or windows, without any problem. Is pretty slow compared with other programs, accordingly to our tests.

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Includes a pop-up blocker able to block automatically pop-ups in new windows. Is communicating with a public database where are stored phishing and malware sites and will alert you in case you visit a site like this.

Private Browsing allows to search the web and Firefox will not save history about visited sites. Usually, a web browser saves this type of data and will reload it from your computer when you load a page with the same resource(s) and this is good because your browser will work faster (for example when you visit daily a site to access your email account). But if you don't want to save these data, for example to bot allow others who may use your computer to see your browsing history, visited sites etc., surfing in Private Browsing it allows to do that.

You can set Firefox to clear history each time when you close the browser or clear it manually anytime. For parental controls there aren't included options in default installation kit, but there are available many extensions.

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Firefox allows to use tabs to open many websites and switch between them with a single click, also supports drag&drop to interact with tabs and reorder them. With drag&drop you can add sites or web pages to your Bookmarks (also known as Favorites) bar, import or export bookmarks to or from other browsers.

It has integrated a download manager to see current status of each download, pause, cancel or resume it. It allows to set default location where files will be saved.

It can remember automatically passwords for sites and protect them with a single password (Master password). Anyway, i do not advise to store passwords in browsers, no matter what brand of browser it is, because is a pretty high security risk. You can use for that a specialized password manager software.

Is able to synchronize settings (bookmarks, history ..) automatically with other devices where you have Firefox installed. For example, if you add new sites to bookmarks, then you can refresh your list on another device or computer with Firefox with a few clicks instead adding again those sites, manually, to bookmarks.

Firefox is great when we talk about extensions (add-ons). It allows to browse through thousands of them and are organized in categories and with ratings. It allows to search extensions directly from its interface, at Add-ons section.

It supports auto fill and spell check for web forms (can remember text entered in form fields and prompt with a selection next time when you type text in similar fields). For mouse gestures, this feature is available through different addons. Mouse gestures allows you to control the browser with mouse movements instead keyboard. It can be used to open or close tabs, zoom, go to previous page etc.

It ensures a good browsing experience and you can easily zoom in or out a web page with CTRL + mouse scroll or CTRL++/--. It allows to zoom only text (without images) if you want.

Tip: use CTRL+0 to reset zoom at default value.

You can customize or change default font type and size to ensure a better readability. Fi you change a lot of settings and you want to revert them, you can reset Firefox as initial state after installation with a few clicks from menu (instead uninstall and reinstall).

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  • useful extensions
  • continuously improved


A high quality and reliable internet browser, easy to use by anyone.