SpyShelter Review

A product by SpyShelter


SpyShelter is a security software which it offers protection and real-time detection of keyloggers. It is able to detect all types of events such as registry files modifications, writing of hard drive, access to webcam, screen captures, keys logging and more.

The user interface contains different modules and you can turn off/on each one with a single click. It displays detailed rules and logs, you can sort items by column names and refine rules and actions through right click menu.

The program provides advanced options for beginners, but also for experienced users.


The program was able to detect and block all applications and malicious code started by a list of top keyloggers.

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It provides an extensive protection, not only against keystroke logging, but also against screen capture, webcam and audio logging.

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  • customizable rules for each item
  • different levels of alerts


A high quality program which works effectively against keyloggers, with advanced features for advanced users.