Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews

A zero gravity massage chair uses a combination of air bags, vibrating surfaces, rollers and heat pads to give you a complete – and quite unforgettable, if we may say – massage. The feeling such a device gives its lucky owner is unique. Also, circulation is improved and stress is relieved in just a few minutes. You’ll never want to be away from your chair for too long.

What Is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

It is designed to recline until your legs are higher than your torso – the position astronauts assume during liftoff. This helps distribute your weight evenly across the chair, which in turn leads to a deeper and more relaxing massage. As for the massage itself, it gets rid of aches and pains quickly and effectively. The reclined position improves circulation in the legs and can help by greatly reducing swelling.

Although the innovative way this chair handles massages is very pleasant, the chair – or your physical form – doesn’t defy gravity. You will not hover and will definitely not float away into space; there is also no feeling of weightlessness. However, the sensation is unparalleled.

How to Choose The Best One

There are a few things you should be careful about when choosing your new ZG massage chair. Considering that these devices are quite expensive, you must make the right choice from the first try. A few things to keep an eye on are:

  • the massage programs. Chairs that offer many different massage programs are preferred. Ensure the unit can massage as many body parts as possible. Also, take a look at the chair’s recline modes. High end models include a heating element to add a final touch of coziness to your massage.
  • materials. Ideally, the chair should be made out of high quality leather. However, PU leather is acceptable as well.
  • other features. The chair should have vibrations and be relatively quiet. A good chair offers roller massage for the feat soles and bottoms of feet. Of course, you want to be able to adjust the position of your legs and head using electronic controls. The chair should be relatively easy to assemble and not be too voluminous.

1. Shiatsu plus VR Headset

  • It has 35 air bags that thoroughly massage your arms, shoulders, legs and buttocks.
  • You get vibration, as well as heat and air squeeze as part of your daily massage.
  • The backrest has 8 massage modes that work with all other areas of the chair to provide you with a complete, thorough massage from head to toe.
  • The soles of your feet benefit from roller massage and your arms get a nice pulsed massage from the air bags.
  • Each chair is tested for any kind of defects before being shipped. The chair also comes with a 3-year warranty.

2. Luxury Shiatsu

  • This chair makes it easy for you to “order” a massage that can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.
  • It has human-like massage hands that provide a deep and thorough massage – 3D intelligent detect is an added bonus.
  • The chair is very silent and people around you may not even notice that it’s working.
  • With one touch, you can choose one of the four complex predefined massage programs. Italso has 3 predefined recline positions that you can easily select.
  • The heated elements in the back provide a very nice heat therapy. The chair is able to massage shoulders, arms, feet, calves and buttocks simultaneously.