ZIP Recovery

.zip archives are the most used because can be created by all programs, including free ones. Although, .zip archives aren't the best to reduce file size (see test) and WinZip isn't the best program (see comparison).These types of archives can ..

This software includes a wizard and you will be guided step by step (useful for beginners) until you have a list with all recovered files. It allows to go back or forward with one step pressing a single button.The interface ..

ZipRemedy comes with a very simple interface, basically you don't need to do anything else than selecting the input ZIP file. The program will display a list with all recognized files and then you can save them in a different ..

HaoZip is a file compression software that offers a Repair function and it works very well.Using it as tool to repair ZIP files is very easy. It provides an interface where you will navigate and will select desired ZIP file(s) ..

PowerArchiver is a very fast archivator and extractor which includes a module to repair ZIP archives.From the interface, just select Tools, then Repair ZIP button, then select your broken ZIP archive and this program will fix it for you.When is ..

WinRAR is a popular file compression program and includes a module to repair archives (.zip and .rar). Its default extension is .rar, but is able to work with and to recover ZIP archives.Through its interface you can navigate to your ..

A simple and portable program made to fix broken ZIP files.Once you select the file, Zip2Fix will start to analyze it, will display a report (you can save it as TXT file) and will generate a new archive with a ..

This program has a classic interface, well structured, and is processing files fast. It doesn't support  drag&drop, so you need to browse and select corrupted ZIP archives one by one. It supports batch processing and provides a different tab for ..

The program comes with a large and pretty clean interface, it looks promising at the beginning, but doesn't supports drag&drop and processing of multiple files at once.Although, once you select your corrupted ZIP archive and click Recover, Stellar Phoenix Zip ..

It has a friendly interface where users can add multiple ZIP files using Browse option. Anyway, doesn't support batch processing because you still need to press a button in order to process next file. Also, it doesn't support drag and ..

This program comes with a modern interface , in Office style, with multiple panels.It supports drag&drop (unlike many of its competitors) and you can add multiple ZIP files to be processed with a single click.It displays the content of each ..

This software has the highest recovery rate, from our tests resulted that it was the single program able to make a 100% recovery for all files within corrupted ZIP archives.It isn't very fast, actually is significantly slower than most of ..

DataNumen Zip Repair will scan pretty fast selected file (it doesn't support drag&drop, so you need to browse the file manually).The interface is clean and intuitive and you will not have anything to set.It displays a report about scanned file, ..

This was a paid, but now a free program to repair and extract files from corrupted ZIP files.It comes with a very simple interface, is a wizard where you have only 2 main steps: select the damaged ZIP file and ..