PC Monitoring & Keyloggers

On this page you can see a comparison between free programs. To compare all (free and paid) programs, tests go to this page.Computer monitoring programs include an array of features (record keystrokes, capture screenshots from desktop and webcam, record the ..

Keyloggers are software programs that stay invisible in a computer (doesn't have icons on desktop, doesn't appear in program Files, Task manager, Uninstall programs etc.) and will record all keywords typed on that computer. Keylogger is a short name for ..

This program is monitoring and captures all keystrokes. Besides that, is able to take screenshots, record applications history, internet activity (websites visited) and clipboard memory.Reports can be generated for desired time interval, sent by email or to a FTP account.The ..

WebWatcher is a web-based application used to monitor other computers and mobile devices. Once you create an account, you need to download a software and install it on each computer you want to monitor. Almost all management is made through ..

This program comes with a smart and friendly interface. All options are present on tabs and you don't have to spend too much time while setting options.Reports can be generated for a date range, for one or more monitoring categories ..

This program offers a multitude of features and customizations to track and log all types of data. Is able to record keystrokes either are typed in Word documents, in messengers or another applications.The interface offers many options and logs are ..

Using Refog Personal Monitor you can record an array of data on a PC where this tool is installed. Is a keylogger able to record all keystrokes, no matter where are typed: in browser, documents, instant messengers, social networks etc.Is ..

This program offers array of monitoring activities. You can record all keystrokes, screenshots, monitor documents' manipulation and modifications, view screenshots of webcam and more.It displays graphs for each category and with double click on logs you can view records in ..

This program comes with a straightforward interface where recorded data is organized into categories and tabs. Is able to record different aspects in detail: keystrokes, websites, files (removal, creation ..), documents sent to printer, clipboard , screen captures and more.Each ..

This is a very, very simple keylogger with basic functionalities and settings.The only thing it can do is to record keystrokes.The user interface is very simple, you can hide or reveal the application typing certain words: HIDEKEY and SHOWKEY. You ..

This is a small application that can be used to record keystrokes. It has a really simple interface and you do not have too many options.You can export logs to a HTML file or view them on program's interface.It supports ..

KidLogger is an open source software for parental control and PC monitoring. The program isn't hidden and you can control the access to user interface with a password.It will record all keystrokes and clipboard content, URLs of websites, will record ..

Revealer Keylogger Free edition allows you to record all keystrokes on a given computer. It has a very clean interface where you can see all recorded data: keywords typed and windows' titles.The access to user interface can be protected with ..

The program can record all keystrokes, websites visited, copy/paste actions and content (clipboard) and programs started.It has an intuitive interface and reports are organized in categories (keystrokes, screenshots, websites, clipboard etc.). From the Settings menu you can adjust options for ..

This program can be used to record keystrokes and to take screenshots at certain events (clipboard and URL change). Is also able to record content from clipboard (copy/paste actions).Reports are displayed by Windows user (Administrator, Guest etc.) and are organized ..

SpyAgent offers extensive features and functionalities for computer monitoring. Is able to track all activities and events on a computer. Includes useful built-in reports to view how a computer is used, time spent on different activities, keywords typed, conversations through ..

This program has a simple and easy to use interface and is able to record all keystrokes and clipboard (copy/paste), to take screenshots, to record the microphone, websites visited and applications used. Will not track emails received through email clients ..