Forum Software

There are many PHP scripts ready to use for a PHP forum or board site, but only a few are very popular. It is very important that a CMS script to be updated often with security fixes because the hackers ..

The are many forum software or platforms that allow you to start an online community with a few clicks, but you have to choose carefully because the forums are very often the target of spammers and hackers, so you have ..

IPB (Invision Power Board) comes with a modern look and feel for the interface and especially for the admin control panel, if we compare it with other forum scripts. ..

xenForo is a premium forum software that offers a variety of features and is highly oriented to the usability of the forum administrator. The administration control panel is very intuitive and this matters a lot because these panels have a ..

vBulletin is the most used forum platform. The installation process requires more steps and is a little more complicated than phpBB and myBB installations for example. But this script includes a detailed manual and you can handle it with easy ..

Vanilla is an open source and free forum platform if you host it on your own server. They offer a cloud hosting as a paid subscription.The platform looks modern, but does not have included many common options that other free ..

MyBB is an another software for forums, different than phpBB. MyBB looks intuitive and is easy to use from the installation. Is easier to install than phpBB and SMF. ..

Simple Machine Forums (SMF) is a PHP scripts that will enable a forum on your website. It is very easy to install and offers a variety of administration options, although aren't very well organized. ..

phBB is a very popular forum script launched initially in 2000. It is very easy to install because it will detect automatically if your server has all the required components (PHP version, database type etc) and will display an alert ..