We are using the web browser almost each day, probably is the most used program for a computer, besides the operating system itself. Since we use the browser so often, it means that is an important product and we should ..

Starting with version 11, Internet Explorer was significantly improved and now comes with all modern features and a very good performance. You can install and use this modern version of IE only if you have Windows 7 (with Service Pack ..

Pale Moon is made started from Mozilla Firefox code. First time was released in 2009. It supports all extensions and themes which are available for Firefox. ..

Netscape Navigator is an internet browser developed by AOL, with a clean interface and nice features, but currently is no longer maintained or developed. ..

Avant Browser is developed since 2004 and is using an Internet Explorer rendering engine. In Utimate version are included Chrome and Firefox rendering engines, so you can switch web pages to be displayed as they are loaded by one of ..

SeaMonkey was released first time in 2006 and is an open source browser where people are contributing in different ways to maintain and enhance the product. Is made based on source code used by Mozilla Firefox, but there are many ..

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a modern internet browser available for all platforms and devices. First time was released in 2003 and has been continuously improved, now offering all features needed to browser and interact with modern sites. ..

Torch is a browser based on Chromium, the same source code used by Google Chrome browser. So is not surprising that Torch looks similar with Google Chrome, but it has many differences and is focused especially on dealing with torrents ..

Safari is the default browser for iOS devices, but is also available for Android and Windows. Version for Windows isn't under an active development. ..

Opera is a popular web browser developed first time in 1995, continuously maintained and improved. Is a modern program and users will benefit from all new features such as tabs, extensions, synchronization etc. Is based on Chromium, an open source ..

Google Chrome was created by Google and is available for use since 2008. This browser has come as alternative to popular browsers at that time, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, and pretty quickly had a big success being a ..

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser released first time in 2002 and it has a pretty large amount of users. As any other browser, it can be used to visit websites and interact with different types of content: text, images, ..