Keylogger is a generic name for a program that is able to record all keystrokes. There are specialized keylogging programs, but also there are different viruses made to steal personal information. Often, these programs aren't visible on desktop, start menu ..

PrivacyKeyboard will prevent keyloggers from recording keystrokes, screenshots and clipboard data. It provides a virtual keyboard so you can type your text with mouse, instead using the real keyboard.The interface is simple and you can stop or start the protection ..

KeyScrambler is a software that encrypts all keywords typed by you, so the keyloggers will not be able to too the exact text that you typed.This software doesn't detect the keylogger, but will encrypt all keystrokes, so even if someone ..

SpyShelter is a security software which it offers protection and real-time detection of keyloggers. It is able to detect all types of events such as registry files modifications, writing of hard drive, access to webcam, screen captures, keys logging and ..

Zemana is a software specialized in detecting and blocking keyloggers. These are programs or viruses able to log all keystrokes and other information (visited websites, screen captures ..). Zemana will detect all these threats and display real-time alerts about each ..