XenForo Review

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xenForo is a premium forum software that offers a variety of features and is highly oriented to the usability of the forum administrator. The administration control panel is very intuitive and this matters a lot because these panels have a lot of options and often can be hard to find what you are looking for. You will get used with any control panel, but in xenForo the feeling of "easy to use" is from the first clicks.

Administration Options

XenForo offers, like other top platforms, all options needed to manage the forum: users, database, security updates etc.Probably is the best administration menu, at least regarding the usability.

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The moderators can ban users by IP, username, email, change registration options and customize Captcha.

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  • admin demo on their site
  • admin panel plenty of options, but intuitive
  • custom colors


This is another popular platform that you can consider to use when building a community. It has all modern features and you can view a demo on their site.