WebWatcher Review

A product by Awareness Technologies


WebWatcher is a web-based application used to monitor other computers and mobile devices. Once you create an account, you need to download a software and install it on each computer you want to monitor. Almost all management is made through an online account.

From your online account your can change different settings, what to monitor, view reports etc.; here is also the hotkey combination to open the application on the computer where is installed. If you open WebWatcher on monitored computer, there you will see all programs available to be monitored and enable/disable monitoring for each program or application.

Monitoring Features

Once you login to your online account, you can see recorded data: keystrokes, chat conversations, view screenshots, visited websites, search queries, social networking activity and more.

Is able to save screenshots based on alert words.

WebWatcher can monitor mobile devices; you need to install the application on each device and then see logs in the online account: calls, SMS, emails, websites, applications, locate the phone and more.

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Reporting & Delivery

The application is able to create advanced and custom reports. A step by step wizard allows to create different reports and the application will send it automatically to one or more email addresses.

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Blocking & Control

It allows to block or allow certain websites. It includes different categories of sites and you can block or allow them with a single click. Is also able to block a web pages based on keywords that you set.

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  • can monitor many devices and platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)
  • block or allow websites by category, content, URL
  • geolocation of monitored devices


  • the online interface works slow
  • free trial available only on request (they have live chat)


The big advantage of this application is that you can monitor all devices (Windows PCs, mobile phones) through an unique online interface.