Refog Personal Monitor Review

A product by Refog Inc.


Using Refog Personal Monitor you can record an array of data on a PC where this tool is installed. Is a keylogger able to record all keystrokes, no matter where are typed: in browser, documents, instant messengers, social networks etc.

Is able to take screenshots automatically, record websites visited (URLs), clipboard data and more. You can choose what applications to be monitored and add different keywords as alarms (when a keyword is typed, the program will start to record the data).

Monitoring Features

Refog Personal Monitor can record all keystrokes, screenshots at custom interval or at certain events (new windows are opened, mouse click). Is able to make screenshots of visited websites and to save screenshots of webcam.

From the Filters section, you can choose exactly what applications to be monitored.

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Reporting & Delivery

It is able to send report via email, FTP or local network. Also, you can set triggers or keywords and the program will run and (optionally) send email alerts when certain events occur.

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  • can record Skype calls


It offers what an user need in order to have detailed data about the activity on a computer.