PC Pandora Review

A product by Pandora Corp


This program offers array of monitoring activities. You can record all keystrokes, screenshots, monitor documents' manipulation and modifications, view screenshots of webcam and more.

It displays graphs for each category and with double click on logs you can view records in detail.

Monitoring Features

PC Pandora is able to take snapshots of the entire desktop at desired interval, record file operations, save emails and attachments (you can set a maximum file size for attachments - greater ones will not be included in reports), take webcam screenshots, record websites visited, search terms used in search engines, keystrokes, intercept HTTPS traffic and more.

You can set it to run or to record data based on a schedule. You can choose applications to be excluded from monitoring.

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Reporting & Delivery

It is able to send automatic reports by email and you can choose what data to send (keystrokes, email, websites visited etc.).

It displays graphs and you can filter recorded data by keywords and date.

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Blocking & Control

You can allow only certain websites to be accessed or you can restrict access to a list of websites. In other words, you can allow the user to use only a limited number of sites.

Also, you can limit or allow the internet access only to certain intervals (days, hours). Computer access can be also restricted based on a schedule (days, hours) - useful for parents.

It allows to block desired programs such as certain games, messengers and other programs. These blocked programs cannot be used when PC Pandora is running.

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  • logs organized into categories


  • cannot turn on/off monitoring, is always active


PC Pandora is an advanced monitoring software, not just a simple keylogger.