Micro Keylogger Review

A product by Awosoft


This program comes with a smart and friendly interface. All options are present on tabs and you don't have to spend too much time while setting options.

Reports can be generated for a date range, for one or more monitoring categories and per Windows user.

Is able to capture keystrokes, clipboard, websites, file downloads, applications used.

Monitoring Features

This software can record all keystrokes and track websites visited, applications used and downloaded files. Is able to make screenshots of entire desktop or active window. You can monitor only certain Windows users, if you want.

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Reporting & Delivery

This application can send report via email at desired interval or upload them to a FTP account. Locally, reports can be generated through the interface for desired interval, by type and by Windows user.

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Blocking & Control

You can block access to all websites with certain keywords in URL or to block selected programs (games, messengers etc.).

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Is easy to use and with enough features to monitor and block  activities on computer and internet.