Driver Detective Review


Driver Detective begins the driver detection with a scan of computer and displays a promising and advanced interface. Once the scan is ended, in the main dashboard there is a report about computer optimization tasks that have to be done. Anyway, we look to update the drivers, that report about PC optimization doesn't scare anyone these days.

Although the first windows (when the scan begins) looks great, after the scan we will discover a quite old interface and a redesign will be more than welcome for a paid software.

You have the option to exclude the unplugged devices such as microphone or USB.

What is Driver Detective?
It is a software that will scan, identify and install or update computer drivers in order to be able to use all hardware components such as video card, network connection etc.

Is Driver Detective Safe?
We have installed and tested the program and is virus free.

It Is Easy To Use?
Not really, the program screen has frozen during some tests and the indications given by the program didn't solved the problem.

It Is Easy To Uninstall?
Yes, just go to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, then click once on Driver Detective and choose uninstall.


  • old interface
  • the usability can be improved


The program didn't found all the drivers that need updates and the interface should be focused mainly on its main feature: update drivers, instead additional services like PC optimisation. We have fount that other programs like Tweakbit Updater are more easy to use and reliable.