All In One Keylogger Review

A product by Relytec-Keylogger


This program offers a multitude of features and customizations to track and log all types of data. Is able to record keystrokes either are typed in Word documents, in messengers or another applications.

The interface offers many options and logs are organized into categories, so you can easily access the desired section.

Is not very intuitive how to start, stop, hide and unhide the application, but after you play a little with Settings, it will be fine.

Monitoring Features

The program allows you to capture or not non character keys (Enter, Space ..), can capture screenshots at desired intervals and at certain events (mouse click, Enter key), microphone, names of printed documents.

Compare Monitoring Features (higher is better choice)
* All In One Keylogger in not included in the above chart because is weaker than these competitors

Reporting & Delivery

It can send reports through email, FTP or save them in a folder from local network. The Log Viewer will display all recorded data and you can switch between categories to view the content: keystrokes, chat, files, audio etc.

You can search logs by keyword.

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Blocking & Control

In Options menu you can add different web addresses to be blocked and certain programs to be disabled. Users will not be able to use them.

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