Actual Keylogger Review

A product by Actual Keylogger Software


This program comes with a straightforward interface where recorded data is organized into categories and tabs. Is able to record different aspects in detail: keystrokes, websites, files (removal, creation ..), documents sent to printer, clipboard , screen captures and more.

Each activity can be customized through the Options menu.

Monitoring Features

The program is able to save keystrokes, websites visited, save documents sent to printer, capture images of desktop or active window, save directory changes (creation, removal, renaming). Is also able to keep a record of internet connections and to track only certain types of sites (http, https, ftp ..).

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Reporting & Delivery

You can view saved data (logs) locally or send them automatically by email, upload to FTP or save into a location from local network. It allows to choose what type of data to include in reports: keystrokes, files, websites visited etc. Reports can be sent at desired intervals in TXT or HTML format.

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This program is completely invisible (in hidden mode)  and our antirvirus didn't detect it.

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  • advanced features


It includes all features you need for a medium and very good monitoring program.