Cheap Olympic Weights & Plates Set Reviews

Weightlifting is a great way to lose those extra few pounds around your waist and stay fit all year round. There are two kinds of weights: Olympic weight plates and standard weight plates. Olympic plates have a center hole that is 2 inches in diameter. Olympic bars, consequently, have 2-inch sleeves (the ends of the bar). In other words, standard plates will not fit an Olympic bar. These bars have some benefits over standard bars: they have rotating sleeves, they are studier, and they can hold more than 800 lbs. of plates.

These objects can be manufactured and sold by any company. Some don’t even follow the specifications of the International Weightlifting Federation.

1. CAP Barbell 2-Inch

  • With a weight of 45 pounds, the CAP barbell weight plate is made out of solid cast iron. This means that it is extremely durable and not prone to cracking if you accidentally drop it.
  • You can easily handle this plate due to its oversized grip areas. This way, you don’t risk injuring yourself.
  • The Olympic plate weight fits on Olympic bars with 2-inch sleeves.
  • Unfortunately, the plate is not coated with rubber.

2. CAP Barbel Single

  • This CAP barbell weight plate has a 2-inch center hole, so that it fits perfectly on the sleeves of Olympic bars.
  • The plate has a baked enamel finish that fives it a stylish, modern look.
  • Because it is made out of solid cast iron, the weight plate is not easily broken. Although not advisable, you can accidentally drop the plate without cracking it.
  • The plate does not have grip holes for easy handling. It also does not come with a rubber cover.

3. CAP Barbell 300-Pound Set

  • The CAP barbell and weight plates set weighs in at 300 pounds, so it’s a great addition to the arsenal of intermediate to advanced weightlifters.
  • You get a 7-feet Olympic bar with 2-inch sleeves. The bar has spring clip collars.
  • The set comes with 14 Olympic weight plates: 2 x 45lb, 2 x 35lb, 2 x 25lb, 2 x 10lb, 4 x 5lb, and 2 x 2.5lbs.
  • All weight plates have grip holes so that you can easily handle them without risking any injuries.
  • This set is the perfect choice if you are making the transition to more advanced weight training exercises. However, beginner lifters can use it as well and start by using the lighter plates.

4. Premium Color Bumper Plate

  • The color bumper weight plates were designed for CrossFit enthusiasts and were tested by certified Olympic lifting and CrossFit coaches and athletes.
  • The plates are very durable and are designed for low bounce. Being covered with rubber, you can safely drop them without running into any problems.
  • The center hole is 2 inches in diameter and the plates fit an Olympic bar perfectly.
  • The color bumper weight plates also have steel inserts for added weight and increased durability.
  • The weights are color coated, which gives them a modern look on your Olympic barbell.