Best Automatic Touchless Soap Dispensers

Yearly, millions of people worldwide are affected by infections caused by bacteria and parasites. The single most effective way to prevent many of these illnesses is to wash your hands with water and soap periodically throughout the day. Health care professionals cannot stress enough the importance of soap for human hygiene.

An automatic, touchless soap dispenser helps you in more than one way. It is very easy to use and you avoid touching any part of it. These products greatly decrease the amount of wasted soap. Stylish models also look good around your house – you can use them for kitchen, bathroom, etc. But not all soap dispensers are created equal. Let’s take a look at what makes some better than others.

Tips on How to Choose

  • The dispenser should require no touch to operate. The best ones use an infrared sensor to detect when you hand is close to the unit.
  • It’s not a very good idea to use power outlets in moist environments, so battery-powered products are preferred. Check how many batteries they require and look at their battery life.
  • Make sure you can change the amount of soap dispensed by the unit. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to soap.
  • The capacity of the unit should also be taken into consideration. Larger recipients are refilled less often than small soap dispensers.
  • Other things to keep in mind when searching for these products are portability (it may need a wall mount), versatility (it should work with any kind of soap) and materials (waterproof, fingerprint-resistant, and treated against corrosion).

1. Nivahome Stainless Steel

  • It is completely touch-free and uses an infrared sensor. This makes it easy to operate the unit and provides a little bit more protection against germs (there is no need to touch any part of the unit to dispense soap).
  • The unit works with any liquid soap and hand sanitizer. You are not forced to buy any specific brand of soap.
  • There are 3 settings for the amount of soap that is dispensed by the unit. The settings are selected by touch.
  • The dispenser is made out of stainless steel and has a very sleek, modern design.

2. The Original Hayden Autosoap

  • Made out of quality brushed stainless steel, the product looks sleek and modern anywhere you place it – bathroom or kitchen alike.
  • You can choose from one of the three predefined amounts of soap that is dispensed with each application.
  • You are not forced to buy a specific brand of soap because the Autosoap works with any liquid soap – hand sanitizers too.
  • The unit has an infrared sensor that detects you hand and releases the predefined amount of soap quickly and precisely. There is no need to touch the unit.

3. Ohuhu Automatic

  • With the Ohuhu soap dispenser, all you have to do is place your hand near the nozzle. The infrared sensor detects your hand precisely and the unit dispenses the soap – quick and easy.
  • The unit comes with a wall mount, but can be placed on any flat surface as well.
  • You can turn the unit on or off by holding a single button for around 3 seconds.
  • The capacity is 16.9FL OZ (500ml) and you can choose one of the 3 predefined amounts of soap.
  • This dispenser works with liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel and disinfectant.